The kitchen table is custom-made by Eric Roseff Designs and decorated with vases from Studio 534 at the Boston Design Center. Lanterns on the marble island are from Webster & Co., and the pendant lamps overhead are from Urban Archaeology. Drapes and cushions are upholstered with fabric from Raoul Textiles at Studio 534.

Beyond Beach House Kitsch
When designer Eric Roseff set out to create a relaxing retreat on Nantucket for longtime clients based in Greenwich, Connecticut, he simply looked to the sea and sand for ideas while ignoring the oftabused beach house kitsch found in so many summer residences (no WELCOME TO THE BEACH signs here). “My inspiration was the calm and serenity that Nantucket can bring; the soft colors and open spaces of the island,” says Roseff. His clients wanted their newly constructed four-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bath shingle-style home to be clean, well edited and low maintenance, so the Boston-based designer conjured an escape that would allow the on-the-go clan to truly relax and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle Nantucket has to offer.

Roseff began his design with a subdued but texturally interesting palette of foggy blues, crisp whites and calming sandy beige that mimic the shades found naturally on the island. “The colors are soft and tranquil, with a great mix of textures and patterns to offer visual interest without anything really jumping out at you,” Roseff explains. The muted hues connect the light-filled rooms of this 5,000-square-foot home and maintain a sense of calm and organization. Even the home’s transitional spaces, specifically the stairwell, were given great attention to detail. “Because so many of the rooms open up to each other, I wanted them all to relate and to transition seamlessly,” he says. “The stairwell area is a bit of a destination, with plenty of interest to draw you in—artwork, seating, the great driftwood mirror.”

Despite the consistent palette and mood, each space also has its own personality. “Every room was designed to stand on its own yet work together with the other spaces as a whole,” Roseff says. “There are special and beautiful focal points throughout. The family really uses the entire house.”

Comforting Common Space
The entry provides a stunning first impression of what lies inside. A bench with pillows outside the front door welcomes guests and “offers a sense of comfort, relaxation and ease,” says Roseff. “The outside blends with the inner space through the use of natural materials, elements and textures. The large wooden crab also conveys a sense of whimsy, emphasizing that this is a place to relax and have fun.”

Inside, the living room is divided by a contemporary two-sided fireplace with glass screens. “The smaller side of the room was originally slated to be a formal dining area, which my clients did not need or want,” says Roseff, so they decided instead to utilize it as a den. Four upholstered club chairs create a space that beckons for a chatty gathering over a few glasses of wine. On the opposite side of the fireplace sits a larger seating area with a pair of “super-comfortable” sofas and wing chairs, all decked out in summery Lulu DK fabrics. “As a family, they tend to gather in the small and cozy living room,” Roseff says. “It’s a very intimate space.”


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