Jennifer Menzer's Integrated Fitness Techniques

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1 - Jennifer Menzer's Integrated Fitness Techniques

Personal trainer, nutrition coach, and pilates and yoga instructor Jennifer Menzer of Saldare Body Therapy (12 Clarendon St., 617-423-2722) in Boston's South End combines all of her expertise to get anyone back into shape. After receiving a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Northeastern University and working in that field for three years, Menzer went into health and wellness. She turned her side job as a fitness instructor into a career, helping clients make changes in their lives through more holistic approaches. After working at Healthworks for six years, she decided to take a step further, entering the entrepreneurial world and creating her own business, Essential Nutrition and Fitness. Two years ago she expanded again by purchasing Saldare. Below, the expert dishes on ways to get healthy in the new year.

What are a few ways we can all approach 2013 in terms of eating right and staying healthy?
JENNIFER MENZER: You'd be surprised at how many men and women do not eat enough servings of fruits and vegetables a day. I encourage everyone to aim for at least five combined servings and keep them as colorful as possible.

How does your background in psychology influence your training techniques?
JM: Training in psychology acutely hones our interpersonal and communication skills. These skills allow me to empathize with my clients to best meet their individual needs.

How does holistic health counseling impact your work with clients?
JM: As a health coach, I seek to help my clients find a balanced, happy, and healthy life. An integral part of this is physical exercise so personal training plays a major part in improving holistic health.

What are the benefits of personal training versus group classes?
JM: Personal training provides an individualized, ever-progressing program that is specially designed for the client. I always provide accountability, support and tough love regardless of whether I'm training one client or 30.

Why integrate yoga and pilates into a workout regimen?
JM: I use a combination of these modalities in all of my training sessions. Yoga and pilates promote increased flexibility, decreased stress, better balance and coordination, and improved posture.

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