These 5 Trailblazing Women are Shaking up Their Industries in Style

By Lisa Pierpont | September 7, 2017 | Style & Beauty Feature

Boston’s feminine mystique is alive and well this fall season. From in-your-face fabulous to classic with an edge, we present a group of dynamic ladies who take fashion finesse to glamorous heights.

Emily Loftiss


Emily Loftiss is in the house. Just a few months after moving from Orange County, Calif. to Boston, the former Radio City Rockette, TV personality and style/beauty expert (Good Day LA, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, The Doctors TV Show, The Insider) has charmed her way into our city’s movers’ and shakers’ hearts. How? A killer smile and bigger-thanlife (and likable) personality. She’s making new friends as a spokesperson for brands, collaborating on all-things style with Fort Point-based Rue La La, and has plans even bolder than her fire engine red gown.

Loftiss style: “My style is about not apologizing for who I am. My closet is full of statement pieces that start conversations. I’m blonde, tan, never met a stranger, always wanting to connect with people and nothing thrills me more than wearing bright colored clothing to introduce myself to the world.”
Shopping secrets: “I love to get dolled up at Neiman Marcus; find treasures that tell a story at Vintage Taste on Charles Street; and go online with Rue La La.”
Life approach: “My brand is all about everyday glam. Find little ways to feel fabulous in your everyday life.”

Elizabeth Georgantas


Central Park, London and Beacon Hill; “I am a city girl through and through,” says Elizabeth Georgantas. Plus, she’s absorbed worldclass style. The principal interior designer and real estate developer of Georgantas Design + Development is known about town to effortlessly throw an ’80s prom costume party (every gourmet appetizer homemade) as decorating a multimillion- dollar yacht. She’s not bad at putting herself together either.

Defining style: “Style is about personality, not fashion. Fashion is fleeting: trends change. Style is humor and self-awareness.”
Favorite things: “A Ceylon sapphire ring surrounded by sapphires in every shade of purple and blue. I designed it; My grandmother’s vintage Oscar de la Renta paisley coat and her ivory bangle with a carved sterling clasp. My dad’s handmade Lucchese cowboy boots. He passed away when I was 22, and I wear them regularly.”
Shopping haunts: “Local designer Daniela Corte is my go-to. She’s uber-talented, thoughtful and nice.” Life motto: “Love deeply. Be kind. Do good.”

Mahsa Noble


These are exciting times for Miss Mahsa Noble. She is awaiting the publication of her first novel, Raya (Archway Publishing), and the casting of the film that already is connected to it. On top of that, she donates her time to various nonprofits that are devoted to defending the rights of disadvantaged children. And on top of that, she walks the walk as a fashion veteran of more than a decade, who has worked with numerous world-renowned designers in the industry and a graduate of Isituto Maragoni, a fashion design school in Milan.

The backstory: “I consider myself to be a citizen of the world. I grew up in Shiraz, Iran, Cyprus and then Boston. From age six until 15, I was forced to cover. I respect women who cover by choice, but to be forced was suffocating for me as a child.”
Noble style: “My style is expressive, bold and feminine. You know what I am feeling inside by what I am wearing. I would say my style is transparent, what I wear reflects how I feel inside.”
Noble spirit: “I believe in owning your life. Be proud of where you come from, where you stand and where you want to go.”

Jessica Knez


Well, what do we have here? A saucy combination of a men’s jacket, thigh-high slit trousers paired with five-story platforms; just another fashion forward day in the life of Jessica Knez. A year ago, Knez swung open the doors of her Back Bay boutique, All Too Human. Since then, she’s garnered national accolades for her and partner Joseph Morrissey’s haute and groovy assortment of emerging and internationally renown designers such as Dries Van Noten, Proenza Schouler, Sies Marjan and Sally LaPointe. Turns out, she’s a poster child for them all.

Style DNA: “I come from a retail family. From an early age, I shadowed Neiman Marcus buyers from showroom to showroom, and appreciated the relationship between them and the designers.”
Meaning of style: “It’s a sense of self. What you put on your body reinforces that. Clothing is a way to communicate yourself to the outside world.”
How does ATH reflect your personality: “Oh, it is a true reflection. The comfort I look for in my personal style is what I want my clients to have in store. Discovering world class designers should be fun, pressure free and exciting.”

Shayna Seymour


Talk about red hot. Shayna Seymour wears the color well. The newly promoted co-anchor of WCVB-TV’s multi-award winning news magazine, Chronicle, Seymour can aptly write and produce a story—and look great while telling it, She began her career as a merchant for the Gap, Inc. (specifically Old Navy baby accessories) in San Francisco. (“I had so much fun watching how my colleagues put pieces together!,” she says.) Ultimately, she chose broadcast journalism to quell her insatiable curiosity about the world.

What is style: “Style is all about selfexpression. Don’t hold back. I learned that from my mama! Wear what you like, know what makes you feel happy and the rest will fall in place.”
Seymour style: “Clean and classic with a slight edge. I love prints and color. I tend to stay away from trends unless it’s really talking to me (hello, jumpsuit!). I’m a minimalist when it comes to accessories— just diamond studs from my hubby.” Faves: “My engagement and wedding ring, a tennis bracelet from my parents on my wedding day, and a charm necklace with my children’s initials.”
Life mantra: “Always try your best. Then, there are no regrets.”

Photography by Eric Levin

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